High Voltage Electrical Contractor

High Voltage Power distribution usually refers to power voltage of more than 600 volts. In many cities, universities, industrial complexes and corporate campuses across the country the power needs to be distributed from these high voltage power banks to lower voltages required in industrial or commercial applications. This power is either distributed overhead or underground. Today, in most cases new construction power is distributed through High Voltage Underground Networks. These networks require continuous maintenance. The Robert Henry Corporation has highly trained personnel with over twenty years of experience as a high voltage electrical contractor working in and around underground vaults and duct banks. Our personnel are trained in confined space as well as the electrical hazards encountered in with these circuits. We are ready to help with your needs whether they are in a city street, alley or on a private campus with these same high voltage distribution networks. When you need a high voltage electrical contractor choose the experts at The Robert Henry Corporation.

High Voltage