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06/15/2016 - Back on Property
As of July 6th The Robert Henry Corporation is back on AEP's distributions system. We will have two overhead crews in Michigan and both parties couldn't be happier......
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09/08/2014 - The Golden Rule
A few years ago, in March of 2013, the Indiana legislature approved a bill to allow the Public Utilities to increase their spending on Capital projects that is intended to improve "customer reliability". This has effectively increased their budgets over the next 6-7 years by as much as $2 billion. This is creating an increase in the workload for the existing Utility Contractors throughout the Midwest and is putting stress on the workforce in an already tight labor market throughout the industry. Contractors that take care of their people and treat them as a part of the team will be the most sucessful....
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01/05/2011 - Directional Boring: locating issues
One of the most difficult issues to deal with as a directional boring contractor is locating of underground utilities, sewers, power, gas, phone and cable lines. When a contractor sees a locate on the ground it indicates the horizontal location of the utility and although there are industry standards for the depth, this depth is never for certain. The Robert Henry Corporation always hand excavates to physically locate the utility being crossed. Many contractors do not go to this extreme and expense and many homeowners never know the utility has been hit, specifically the sewer line, until sometimes as much as month later. Usually this out of town contractor is long gone leaving the homeowner to fend for themselves....
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