Directional Boring: locating issues - 01/05/2011

One of the most difficult issues to deal with as a directional boring contractor is locating of underground utilities, sewers, power, gas, phone and cable lines. When a contractor sees a locate on the ground it indicates the horizontal location of the utility and although there are industry standards for the depth, this depth is never for certain. The Robert Henry Corporation always hand excavates to physically locate the utility being crossed. Many contractors do not go to this extreme and expense and many homeowners never know the utility has been hit, specifically the sewer line, until sometimes as much as month later. Usually this out of town contractor is long gone leaving the homeowner to fend for themselves.

Many times these contractors can even nick a gas, phone or electric line causing a longer term issue. It can take up to 3-6 months for these nicked or slightly damages lines to cause the homeowner a problem sometimes with very severe consequences.  I will not claim that The Robert Henry Corporation does not have a few of these problems however fewer than 1% of our customers have these issues.  Our practice of hanging door knockers on the homes as much as a week prior to starting this work in neighborhoods gives everyone a contact and phone number for any questions they may have prior to our starting the work but also long after we have left the area. 

The Robert Henry Corporation has been in the Horizontal boring business for over 18 years. The next time you have a need or a question about underground installation please contact Tom Henry at 574-232-2091 or by cell number 574-993-3303  

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