Management Team & Staff / Quality Management

Customer peace of mind is of prime importance to The Robert Henry Corporation and we show it through our people and our Quality Management Program-on-going training that results in customer satisfaction.

All project managers at The Robert Henry Corporation are college graduates, knowledgeable and experienced in their field. Their experience ranges from 11 to over 30 years in the construction industry and includes marketing, planning, estimating, securing of permits, purchasing, and the management of their projects.

Our construction field personnel are skilled craftsmen, some employed by The Robert Henry Corporation for more than 20 years. Our utility field supervisors are qualified linemen, experienced in all phases of power transmission and distribution construction.

We self-perform a minimum of 40% of our construction projects and 100% of our utility projects. Overall, our team is over 150 members strong and includes 35 to 40 utility crews and 10 to 15 construction crews. This strength in numbers ensures you that The Robert Henry Corporation can supply the personnel to keep your construction job moving.

From senior management on down, The Robert Henry Corporation insists on safe practices. All of our project managers are required to complete the OSHA-30 class and all field employees receive OSHA-10 training.

Our Quality Management Program continues to produce measurable results through training and educational programs for our personnel, promising continued improvement in the way we perform construction services. This is equally true in our utilities division. With an annual average volume of 2,000 work orders, callbacks from the power company average less than one-half of one percent. In project closeout conferences with owners, the prevailing comment refers to the professional management we provide for our projects.