Directional Boring

In the past, Directional Boring was the alternative solution when normal excavation or trenching was impractical. Today directional boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is fast becoming the preferred solution for many applications.

A method of installing underground pipes and conduit, Directional Boring is a part of the rapidly growing group of trenchless technologies. These "no dig" technologies eliminate the need for surface excavation in the installation of underground gas, electric, water, and telecommunication lines. Pipe used for Directional Boring installations includes HDPE, mechanical joint PVC, and steel.

Useful in various types of soil and different soil conditions, Directional Boring both minimizes the impact on the environment and considerably lowers the costs associated with underground installations.

With five sizes of directional drilling machines and our experienced operators at the controls, The Robert Henry Corporation provides safe, cost-effective, and efficient Directional Boring services for many types of applications. Directional Boring is advantageous in a variety of situations and allows for deeper and longer installations through problem areas such as:

  • Crossing waterways
  • Tunnelling under roadways
  • Congested areas
  • Previously developed areas
  • Environmentally sensitive areas

Directional Boring eliminates the need for an access pit and therefore the dangers associated with personnel working underground. When you need a safe, cost-effective, practical solution for an underground installation, contact The Robert Henry Corporation.